When your child receives a RoyalABC™ education,
they get a head start in English and a head start in life.

Schools that use RoyalABC™ make it easy for parents
to connect with their child’s unique Learning Journey.

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Why parents love it

Teacher sets evidence based lessons for each student’s ability.

RoyalABC World app for students brings school work directly to the home.

Real-time parent reports track progress and identify strengths and weaknesses.

Personalised learning ensures the best outcomes with individualised content.

Multi-faceted learning resources ensure your child is eager to learn.

Interwoven Growth Mindset and 21st Century Skills themes.

Educational Content that turns screen time into learning time.

Your child will love exploring RoyalABC™ World. Set in a virtual school with beautiful grounds and historic buildings, children play as they learn. The teachers are friendly animal characters who help children learn new skills and grow their confidence in speaking English through trying new words, numbers, and sentences. Home lessons reinforce what students have learned in class and are set by the teacher to make sure your child is challenged and engaged with their learning at every stage.

What parents are saying:

Mrs. Ngoc Anh and her 4-year-old son, Khoa Nam
From November 2019, I started to play and study with my 4-year-old son, Khoa Nam using RoyalABC World App. This app is well designed, very user friendly. From the beginning he has been unable to take his eyes off the screen every time he plays with RoyalABC World App. Nam often gets distracted easily and gets bored very quickly with many usual activities. I always find helping Nam to focus on a certain activity for a certain amount of time is challenging work. I’m so happy to see him excitedly and patiently completing all the activities and games in RoyalABC Game World. Furthermore, after exploring this world a first few times, he actively communicated with me and shared his feelings about the characters and games in it. I noticed that Nam is particularly interested in exploring the world by running around, touching things and communicating with the characters. My regret when not being able to witness his progress when he goes to school has been offset by seeing him grew up and improved his skills at home by playing and studying with the RoyalABC Game World. It’s also great to see my son’s personality reflected in how he reacts and communicates in a quality, lively and engaging learning world. I’m thankful that I found RoyalABC product.

Pearl and Bruce Liu, 4 years old
Bruce’s confidence in speaking English has really improved since he began using the RoyalABC lessons. He loves the songs, and watches them over and over, then shows us his dancing and the new words he learned in class.

Jenna, Fuhua and Candy Chen, 5 years old
We wanted to give Candy a head start learning English to help her to complete the Cambridge English exams when she gets to school. Knowing RoyalABC has been created with a curriculum that leads to Cambridge English Young Learners really influenced our decision to enrol her in the programme to give her a head start. She really loves the animal teachers in the storybooks. Milton the Mole’s whiskers remind her of Grandpa and they love reading the storybooks together.

Helen and Andrei, 5 years old
Our 5-year-old son is studying with the RoyalABC program. I would like to say a big thank you to the owners of such an interesting program! The game is just perfect for our age, learning is easy and relaxed. The child is passionate about the game, he plays with pleasure, every time he strives to see what new appeared in the game. Lessons differ from traditional ones – they take the form of a game, which is also very attractive in this educational program. I would also like to thank the organizers – for the fact that under quarantine conditions they were able to organize online lessons for our kids. We play, learn and spend time at home!

Svetlana and Kirill, 5 years old
Since February 2020, my son, Kirill (5 y.o), has been studying with the RoyalABC program. We liked the format of the teaching process. Face-to-face and as a computer game, made a big positive impact. We installed the game on a laptop. Characters help to pass through on certain tasks, all this is accompanied by music, songs, English words, phrases and sentences. The child sang and repeated, sometimes just watched, he was very engaged, especially at the beginning. Then it got a little bit annoying, but the game a few days later changed, the complexity increased, and there was interest again. One stage of the game lasted 45 minutes, so the child completes one or two stages in one day. In general, I can say that for children this format of learning English is interesting and, hopefully, in the future, it will be useful to gain further knowledge.

Laurence, Dandan and Li Wang, 6 years old
Having a great selection of non-digital activities was really important to us for Li, as we don’t want him to be on a screen very much. The RoyalABC programme has a balanced approach to learning, and importantly gives us control over the time Li spends on the iPad with RoyalABC World. Introducing growth mindset language into our parenting has been really helpful, and we feel that now we are giving Li a better foundation to be a happy well-rounded child as well as being fluent in English.

Natalia and Maxim, 6 years old
My son was lucky to be one of the children recruited into the group to study English with the RoyalABC program. Interactive format and game form classes helped the child quickly get involved in the learning process. My fussy child is ready to listen to songs for hours, to repeat and compose words in English, as well as to perform other proposed tasks, that we have to limit the time spent in the game. This educational program is ideal for children of preschool age, as it allows them to learn the basic knowledge of a foreign language in a relaxed form of play.