Prosper Education™ Home (PC)


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Prosper Education is pleased to announce that we are releasing a Special Edition Prosper Education™ Home app. Parents who are not proficient in English can use this!



Prosper Education™ Home

A Special Edition English Language App for Young Learners

In response to various enquiries from parents around the globe, searching for quality online content for their young children during these challenging times, Prosper Education is pleased to announce that we are releasing a Special Edition Prosper Education Home App version of our original RoyalABC Classroom App (previously only available to teachers).

Parents can now use the Prosper Education Home app at home with their preschool aged children – and possibly older depending on their English level.

The new ‘Home’ app varies from our ‘Classroom’ app in the following ways. The ‘Home’ App:

  • Is able to be used without login, and with any children that are in the household – no set up.
  • Has a targeted curriculum that will engage children for 30 minutes to 1 hour 5 days a week for the remainder of the year.
  • Is designed to be used by parents who may not be able to speak English. Currently our app supports navigation in English, Mandarin, Spanish (South American), Vietnamese and Russian.
  • Parents can select a lesson and hand the device to their child to navigate on their own if they are old enough, or a parent or guardian can assist the child. Even older children could assist younger children. The best thing about this model is that both the young learner and the person assisting will be learning English or reinforcing their existing English skills.
  • There is also a library of resources within the app that parents can use if they just need five minutes to themselves!
  • There are even workbooks in the app you can download and print if you want your child to use pen and paper! These are yours to keep and use even after the app expires.
  • Has an accompanying Game World app that will allow students to follow a companion course to reinforce their lessons in their own time.

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