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Check out the details of RoyalABC at Asian Education Annual Expo!

The 8th Asian Preschool Education Annual Conference had its grand opening in Qingdao on 25 October 2019.

The annual conference is committed to “gathering quality resources in the industry, enhancing the allocation of early childhood education resources, improving the quality of early childhood education services, optimizing industrial ecological environment and promoting the overall development of the industry”.

More than 10,000 preschool educators and well-known preschool education brands gathered in Qingdao to discuss the future of the early childhood education.

RoyalABC presented the latest products to the conference, comprehensively demonstrating our learning ecosystem: Completely upgrated RoyalABC Classroom & Fun, beautiful 3D immersive RoyalABC World APP & RoyalABC Storybooks Series & Rich supporting Resources & Amazing Merchandise

Our booth was popular as soon as the expo started in the morning on the 25th. Many principals were very interested in our products after visiting us and getting to know about us.

Many principals said that RoyalABC’s curriculum is exactly what their kindergartens need, and it meets the urgent need of their current curriculum. Some investors even said that they wanted to use our RoyalABC products immediately as they felt that children will definitely love our curriculum.

Both adults and children were so interested in our products that they came for experience.

The children also liked our Olly costume and ran around to take a photo with it; the children who used our products even recognized our costume a glance and shouted: “This is Olly!” It really is a very popular animal teacher among children!

The beautiful RoyalABC canvas bags are very popular. Many teachers and principals came to our booth for it and all of them were gone less than a day!

 On the second day of the exhibition which was October 26th, we also held a sharing session on early childhood education trend interpretation in our booth, and invited interested guests to discuss the current trend of preschool education and cutting-edge industry information.

The three-day exhibition ended in a blink of an eye, and many of the guests at the meeting were still longing for more, but everyone left with loads of information and achievements.

 At the exhibition, RoyalABC also met many professionals in the industry, and communicated with many principals, teachers, parents and children. We also achieved a lot by knowing about our users better.

RoyalABC will soon be launching more products that satisfy users, and will also cherish every opportunity to communicate with our users! We have been working hard towards the goal of building a new standard for children’s English education and the future can be expected!

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RoyalABC founder was invited to 15th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention!

Recently Mr. Dominic Richards, Chairman and co-founder of RoyalABC was invited to attend the 15th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention in London!

From October 21st to 23rd, 2019, the much anticipated 15th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention had its grand opening in London, UK.

3,000 well-known Chinese entrepreneurs from around 60 countries and regions worldwide, British entrepreneurs partnered with Chinese entrepreneurs and senior leaders from Chinese and British governments gathered in London to attend this Convention.

Vanke Group founder Wang Shi, VPhoto founder and CEO Cao Yumin and Shimao Group Chairman Xu Rongmao and other well-known Chinese entrepreneurs have attended the convention.
The Lord-Lieutenant of Greater London, Sir Kenneth Olisa OBE, British Cabinet minister Gove and others attended the Convention on behalf of British Royal Family and British Government.

WCEC came to UK for the first time with the theme of “New world situation with new opportunities for Chinese entrepreneurs”. WCEC has a significant mission of forging new partnerships between the UK and China.

Liu Xiaoming, Chinese ambassador to the UK, also said: “The World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention has come to the UK for the first time. This reflects the confidence of the vast number of Chinese entrepreneurs in expanding the UK market and strengthening Chinese-British economic and trade cooperation.”

Cultural education is one of the eight main themes of the WCEC. It highlights the importance the conference attaches to the cultural and educational industry and its expectations for educational cooperation between China and the UK.

RoyalABC is owned by Prosper Education, a leading global English education provider in the UK.

As a leading ed-tech company from the UK, Mr. Dominic Richards, co-founder and Chairman of RoyalABC, was invited to attend the Convention.

Dominic was educated at the University of Cambridge. He has always attached great importance to education and cared about the educational environment of the next generation of children. Motivated to better equip our next generation to embrace the opportunities of the future, Dominic sought to create a stimulating learning environment through leveraging cutting-edge technology platforms with time-honoured educational foundations.

He is realising this pursuit as the Chairman and co-founder of Prosper Education Ltd, a Chinese digital education initiative based in China and Australia.

Dominic Richards and Charles,
HRH Prince of Wales(right)

At the WCEC Cultural Education Sub-forum, Mr. Dominic Richards also gave a speech and expressed his expectation for further cooperation and exchanges between Chinese and British education in the future.

RoyalABC is honored to participate in this grand Convention with world-renowned Chinese entrepreneurs and Chinese and British political leaders in London. We also hope that this platform will promote further cooperation between Chinese and British education.

RoyalABC will also continue to strive to bring high-quality and authentic British education products to its customers, and commit to create a better educational environment for children to have incredible beginnings!

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RoyalABC Nanjing preschool education experience sharing seminar ended successfully

RoyalABC Preschool education experience sharing seminar was held in Nanjing successfully on 18 October 2019.

On that day many guests made time from their busy schedule to attend this seminar, which started in relaxed and harmonious atmosphere.

We have invited several key figures in the pre-school education industry to share the latest industry news in kindergarten and the most cutting-edge information in pre-school education. The first distinguished speaker was Mr. Wu Aijun, Chairman of Jiangsu WISDOM Culture Development Pty. Ltd. and the founder of WISDOM Education. The Children’s Home of WISDON (Nanjing) is also our co-organizer, thank you Mr. Wu.

吴先生以唯斯顿为案例,跟大家分享了最新的幼儿园行业政策和市场情况,也跟大家慷慨分享了唯斯顿的市场策略以及运营技巧。Mr. Wu used the example of WISDOM to share with you the latest kindergarten industry policies and market situations, and also generously shared the marketing strategy and operational technique of WISDOM.

Another equally distinguished speaker was Mr. Li Jun, the co-founder of Le Xue Baide and the CEO of Sizhi Aiqi Education Technology pty. Ltd. He has been in the education industry for more than 18 years. He has been committing to leading the team to adhere to the independent research and development of all subjects, and constantly improving its online and offline teaching system.

Mr. Li’s speech is also very informative. He analyzed cleverly how the education and training industry broke through the bottleneck of enrollment from the case of a sale that was made to himself. He also shared how education and training companies can take advantage of the latest online marketing strategies to achieve conversions at a lower cost.

The final speaker was Richard Zhao, Academic Director of RoyalABC. Richard graduated from Beijing Normal University with an English major. He is a course research expert and is familiar with many English curriculum systems for young learners both in China and overseas.

 He gave an in-depth explanation of our core products around product concepts and product systems. The guests understood RoyalABC’s background, product ecology and teaching philosophy better. After the presentation the guests were also guided to experience our products.

The sharing seminar ended with applause and intent. The guests gained a lot and were fully interested in our RoyalABC products. After the meeting, they also had a one-on-one exchange with our staff!

Thank you for your active participation and thanks to our guests for their on site support.

 RoyalABC will continue to be committed to bringing better service and products to our customers. We look forward to seeing again you next time!

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Meet RoyalABC at Asian Education Annual Expo a grand education conference not to be missed

RoyalABC will present its latest products to the 8th Asian Preschool Education Annual Conference to showcase our outstanding English ecosystem. We sincerely invite you to attend this event to discuss the future of Asian preschool education!


Time   2019.10.25-27

Venue   Qingdao

Booth Number       B3013

Contact Us   Devin 15905150978

See you there!

About RoyalABC 

RoyalABC delivers an entire learning ecosystem teaching English and 21st Century skills.  It supports teachers in the classroom and parents at home to ensure that each child develops the essential skills to thrive in a competitive world.

Royal ABC’s One-Touch Start technology enables ANY teacher to deliver a world class lesson teaching English and 21st Century skills. Using the latest technology and good old fashioned hard copy books, we empower teachers in the classroom to deliver a high quality of education and connect this to learning at home through a beautiful immersive 3D game world app.

RoyalABC Classroom

RoyalABC will present its latest products to the 8th Asian Preschool Education Annual Conference to showcase our outstanding English ecosystem:

Completely upgrated RoyalABC Classroom

Fun, beautiful 3D immersive RoyalABC World APP

RoyalABC Storybooks Series

Rich supporting Resources

Amazing Merchandise

You can try our products on the spot, or bring your children to experience our RoyalABC learning app. Immerse your children in the fun of learning and engage them more with our 3D learning app.

To know better about us, come and sit down to have a one-to-one chat with our staff for any enquires regarding RoyalABC’s brand, products, sales and services.

Scan and follow our official Wechat account, leave your details to receive a free beautiful RoyalABC canvas bag on the spot!

About Asian Preshool Education Annual Conference 

The Asian Preschool Education Annual Conference (APEAC) is a grand gathering and exchange for preschool education industry in Asia. Having been held for seven times, every year tens of thousands of experts, researchers, brand business and kindergarten principals nationwide even worldwide participate to discuss new education dynamic, explore new directions for future education, and work towards development of the industry.

The conference is dedicated to building a one-stop brand display and project trading platform for the early childhood education industry. Connecting preschool education equipment and content provider, distribution agents, early childhood education institutions this conference has become an important professional platform for brand display and business exchange in the preschool education, which promotes its quality development.

There are many highlights in the conference: professionals in the industry gather and exchange, the three preschool education event are scheduled and held concurrently, more experiences and partnership negotiation time, featured preschool education workshops, etc.

RoyalABC would also like for our customers to better understand and experience our products on this platform of the Asia Preschool Education Annual Conference and have more in-depth communication and exchange with our peer colleagues!

RoyalABC will meet with you in Qiangdao in October and we look forward to your presence!

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RoyalABC’s customisation to meet your individual needs!

In order to better meet the customised needs of customers, RoyalABC is now launching a customisation solution to provide you with more accurate and high-value services!

RoyalABC’s customisation solution meets your needs for both online and offline customised products, boosting your brand value comprehensively.

Comprehensive Brand Image Display

You brand and LOGO can be displayed and embedded in every interface of our products including Classroom and Game World. Teachers, students and parents can see your brand anytime, anywhere when using RoyalABC hence your brand image is enhanced, your brand value is promoted and your brand influence is strengthened.

Depending on your needs, your brand LOGO can be embedded on different pages of RoyalABC’s Classroom to have more exposure.

Customisation Page in Classroom Display

In the learning app of the RoyalABC Game World we can display your brand in all aspects, so that students have access to your brand in their daily learning, forming a good impression on your brand with such gradual exposure.

Customisation Page in Game World Display

 Digital Curriculum content

In addition to displaying the customer’s brand on RoyalABC products comprehensively, we can also customise your curriculum.

If you want to teach with physical textbooks of your own brand using RoyalABC platform , we can digitise your textbooks, flexibly mapping curriculum content, and provide you with customised digital services.

Your digital classroom made easier by having teachers’ one click to start Classroom. Lesson planning and teaching efficiency are improved by them planning lessons and having access to teaching resources anytime, anywhere.

Customisation Page in Curriculum Content Display

With the expansion of RoyalABC’s business and the increase of customers, we understand the different needs of more customers. We are constantly improving our products and optimizing our service as it is our goal to service our customers in a better and more flexible way.

We are launching this customisation service to meet your needs and to optimise RoyalABC products value!

Become our customer, work with an agile and professional team, meet your individual needs and boost your brand value!

RoyalABC offers 3D immersive English learning solutions for 2-9 years old to help you set a new standard in English teaching!

*All displays shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary. RoyalABC reserves the rights for interpretation .

*Please click here for enquiries or customisation details.

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RoyalABC storybooks app now available on the App Store

The British English storybook series co-published by RoyalABC and FLTRP now has its standalone app available on the App Store!

(IOS Only at the moment,android coming soon。)


RoyalABC develops evidence-based, structured curriculum resources used in the world’s most prestigious schools.

Due to popular demand by parents, RoyalABC is now sharing a small part of this resource with students all over the world, uniting all young learners in the joy of reading and listening to stories.

Your child can now access world-class stories, even if your child does not attend a RoyalABC school.

The RoyalABC Storybooks series teach not only English language, but also British culture and vocabulary reinforcement.

RoyalABC’s 55 storybooks include 9 levelled book series. Each of the series has an iconic and lovable main character to guide children through a breadth of learning opportunities.

The RoyalABC Storybook app enables children to learn based on engaging scenario stories for them to have fun in learning while developing their skills.

54 important themes, including Growth Mindset concepts are interwoven throughout the books to expose children to important real life issues and life skills, so as to see learning as a positive challenge.

Overall, after completing the whole series students would have been exposed to 500 + words and 1700 sentence structures. Completion of the whole series will also ensure your child is ready for the Cambridge A1 Starters exam.

The RoyalABC original storybook APP not only fully inherits the scientific settings and rich content of physical books, but also interigates the advantages of digital devices.

With immersive British English learning content children can learn the authentic British English pronunciation by reading after the APP sentence by sentence while reading the stories!

Fun interactive mini games that within the APP engage children with active English language learning, children develop fine motor skills, creativity and problem solving.

RoyalABC commits to providing incredible English learning experience to the children worldwide. We are on the way to achieve this goal.

By way of this standalone APP RoyalABC is now sharing our learning resource with students all over the world, uniting all young learners in the joy of learning world class English lessons. This is the first step to achieve our goal!

You can also take the first step by choosing first class learning resources for your children, for them to enjoy authentic premium British English Storybooks with all other children in the world!

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New release! Foundation Phonics now in RoyalABC Classroom!

Foundation phonics plays an important role in children’s English learning journey. Children understand the pronunciation rules of words by learning the sounds and the letters, which makes it easier for them to remember words. In foreign countries parents usually have their children to learn foundation phonics before they start school.

RoyalABC Classroom has now added a new feature of Foundation Phonics, which aims to assist teachers in teaching and students in learning.

Combined with STEAM activities the RoyalABC Foundation Phonics Curriculum introduces students to the sounds and the letters of the English alphabet through the process of building communication skills and thinking skills children need for success in the 21st century.


8 Units

The alphabet is divided into 8 units: each unit presents 3 or 4 letters of the alphabet (graphemes) and the associated sound (phoneme).

156 Lessons

For each letter, there are 6 carefully crafted and scaffolded lessons (156 lessons).


The series of 6 lessons for each letter-sound correspondence of the alphabetic code follows the same structure:

Lesson 1 & 2: Launch & Engage (introduction to the sound and two key words)

Lesson 3 & 4: Explore (review the sound and explore two new key words)

Lessons 5 & 6: Apply & Consolidate (link the focus sound and all key words; engage in experiential learning and apply critical thinking and inquiry skills in STEAM based activities)

Meet the Letter Videos

Each letter-sound correspondence of the alphabet code is introduced through a fun, animated video along with 3 words that begin with that sound.

Circle Time Activities

5 fun interactive activities to practise and reinforce identification of the letter-sound correspondences.

Table Time Activities

Activities for hands-on practise and exploration of the sound-letter-vocab correspondences.

Printable resources are available to download straight from the lesson plan.


4 fun sensory-based activities to practise tracing and forming letters.

STEAM Activities

26 STEAM activities – 1 unique activity per letter that has students engaging in experiential learning and applying critical thinking, problem-solving and inquiry skills.

Phonics Flashcards

Alphabet Phonics Flashcards: for each letter of the alphabet, there is a corresponding flashcard showing the letter and an associated word.

Vocab Flashcards

104 Vocabulary Flashcards: for each letter there are 4 vocabulary flashcards, one for each of the associated words for that sound.

Check out our Foundation Phonics now!

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The Principal’s State Education Expo ended successfully with RoyalABC opening a new milestone for teaching and training industry

The eleventh Principal State Global Education Industry Expo and the first Cross-Strait Educators conference were grandly opened at Fuzhou Century Jinyuan Exhibition Hotel on August 13-14 2019. Themed on “Education Dream, Cross-Strait Dream, Chinese Dream”, the exhibition launched three special courses of management operation, marketing enrollment, teaching and research, eight special forums of smart principals, global education industry Expo and high-end dialogue on quality projects. Multi-form, multi-angle, high-standard cross-border communication and collision fusion to jointly explore the developing direction of future world and education.

At the exhibition, RoyalABC presented our excellent English education ecosystem and diversified teaching resources to the participating kindergarten principals and teachers from both sides of the strait, such as the newly revised online teacher platform APP and the immersive 3D game world, storybooks co-published with FLTRP, supporting teachers’ manuals and teachers’ resource packages.We also show case RoyalABC’s rich peripheral IP products, such as puppets, children’s T-shirts, workbooks, pencils and so on. 

At the exhibition site, the RoyalABC booth was extremely popular, attracting many experts, principals and teachers to come and make enquiries. The RoyalABC training specialists demonstrated to the audience how to use the app, explained the curriculum system and product features in details.

RoyalABC’s 3D student world is full of fun, allowing students to learn English in happiness. At the show, cool 3D design and rich English games attracted many children to the RoyalABC booth to try. See how focused and preoccupied the children were!

This Principal State Exhibition was RoyalABC’s debut at the educational exhibition for teaching and training industry. It is an important milestone for RoyalABC to enter the organization track!

After the meeting, the staff of the Royal ABC exhibition took a group photo and recorded the wonderful moment of the exhibition. In the future, RoyalABC will continue to bring more quality products to educators on more educational exhibition platforms!

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RoyalABC invites you to meet us at the eleventh Principal State Global Education Industry Expo

Aug 13 – 14

With sincere invitation to a grand expo at Fuzhou in August

The Principal State

Fuzhou China

The Eleventh President’s State Global Education Industry Expo will have its grand opening in Fuzhou on August 13-14, 2019. RoyalABC will present its latest products to the exhibition. We sincerely invite you to participate in this event to discuss the future of early childhood English education!

Sincere invitation for your attendance


Conference Information

Time:August 13-14 2019

Venue:Fuzhou Century Jinyuan Exhibition Hotel

Address:No. 188 Pandun Road, Cangshan District, Fuzhou

RoyalABC booth number:A20

Contact:Mr. Qian 159-0515-0978


Conference Highlight

So far there have been ten successful sessions of Principal’s State Global Education Industry Expos, attracting more than 500,000 visitors and over 1 million educators. Each year the “Principal’s State Global Education Industry Expo” brings together the most promising educational products in the industry, hence is called “the wind vane of the Chinese educating and training industry” by the principals. The Principal’s State has built a one-stop platform for learning, communication, procurement, trading, product launch, investment and financing and resources connection for the education industry chain, and has promoted the vigorous development of the entire industry.


New Arrival

Our Classroom and Game World App have had new releases from June to July 2019 in which the details are known to our wechat official account followers. At this exhibition, we will formally present:

Complete new Classroom APP + fun 3D Game World + Storybook series + various supporting resources+ amazing merchandise!

We look forward for your presence at the expo and witness the transform and development of RoyalABC!


Sign Up

Sign up here for the Official Principal State

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RoyalABC Product New Release Launched

RoyalABC launched new release for its products in Shanghai on 2 August 2019.

From June to July 2019 RoyalABC launched a new release for Classroom and Game World. For this new release RoyalABC held a product update conference in Shanghai to explain the latest developments and educational concepts of our products. The conference also invited a number of well-known experts in Education to come to the site to explore the development trend of the kindergarten and education and training industry together with the audience!

Ms. Wendy Bao, General Manager of RoyalABC Greater China, gave an opening speech at the press conference. Wendy said that under the influence of the new education policy, enterprises in the education industry will face more opportunities and challenges. I hope that this product launch conference will provide a platform for other colleagues in education industry to exchange ideas and experiences.

The first guest speaker at the conference was Mr. Hou Zhujiu, Vice President of China Future Education Group. The Academy of ASTEAM, which is part of China Future Education Group, is also the first international STEAM Kindergarten in China and a strategic partner of RoyalABC. With the theme of “Read, Return and Orient”, Mr. Hou shared with the audience the key elements to be followed as an educator.

Special guest at the RoyalABC conference, Mr. Wu Aijun, General Manager of Hong Kong Wisdom International Education Group, shared his experience of managing and operating kindergartens with the audience.

Mr. Li Jun, the founder of Better Education, shared many useful information in the education and training industry with the theme of “Organisation Operations and Differences”.

Richard Zhao, the Academic Director of RoyalABC gave an in-depth explanation of our core products focused product ideas and systems. Richard introduced the four core strengths of RoyalABC products, authentic British English courses, growth mindset, 21st century skills, curriculum design theories and more. At the scene, Richard showed the audience the latest release of the Classroom and Game World APP, which attracted many kindergarten principals and teachers.

The press conference came to an end and the guests and the audience took a group photo. Many audience said that this is not only a product launch of the brand, but also a significant industry seminar. In the future, RoyalABC is looking forward to bringing customers more quality products!