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The RoyalABC™ Storybooks teach not only English language, but also British culture, vocabulary reinforcement, growth mindset and 21C skills. 51 development critical themes, including growth mindset, self care, looking after others, and critical thinking are interwoven throughout the books to expose children to important real life issues and life skills, so as to see learning as a positive challenge.

Furthermore, the storybook series is mapped to the Cambridge Pre-A1 Starters Vocabulary and Grammar lists. The number of words per book increase progressively throughout the levels, with the higher levels containing more difficult words, structures and concepts. Overall, after completing the whole series students would have been exposed to 500 + words and 1700 sentence structures. Completion of the whole series will also ensure your child is not only ready for the Cambridge A1 Starters exam, but also able to speak at a ‘Functional Beginner’ level of English.

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Minimum system requirements
• iOS 11
• iPad Mini 4 / iPad Air / iPhone 5S
• 2.5GB available space on device

Recommended system requirements
• iOS 11 or above
• iPad Air 2 or above / iPhone 6 or above
• 2.5GB available space on device