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Summer School Success for RoyalABC and Youyu Learning Centre

In July 2017, Prosper Education partnered with progressive Hangzhou learning centre Youyu to launch the RoyalABC British English programme into China. Together, we ran a joint venture Summer School held at the Hangzhou Science and Technology Museum. Young learners from Youyu aged 4-6 spent three weeks learning RoyalABC British English lessons and coding. Youyu is a perfect strategic partner.

for RoyalABC as the Youyu company values strongly resonate with ours. Youyu’s ‘Flipped Class’ concept focuses on integrating the fun of playing games into education, creating simple and friendly online teaching tools to help teachers give lessons, and improving education quality.. Their vision is freeing teachers through technology and improving online education with quality products. Youyu Flipped Class is developed by Hangzhou Cimu Software Technology Ltd, a company with many years of international game developing experience and made up of young, passionate, creative game developers. It was so exciting to watch the students as they learned from RoyalABC’s beautiful interactive storybooks, becoming more and more confident speaking new words and numbers. The original songs composed by RoyalABC were a favourite, especially ‘Hello!’ where students learn to ask each other their names and ages, along with some specially choreographed dance moves. The children could often be heard breaking into the chorus of ‘Hello’ especially when the RoyalABC team entered the classroom. Arts and Crafts were also a favorite, and the names of colours and zoo animals were reinforced with mask and puppet-making. These total physical response activities are an integral part of RoyalABC’s curriculum and blended learning approach to British English and 21st century skills. The kids loved playing active and collaborative classroom games to practise the language and communicate with each other. When it was time to play RoyalABC World, there was nearly a riot as excited students couldn’t wait to grab an iPad and try language learning in a beautiful 3D environment. As Flipped Class participants, they were already comfortable with learning and technology integrated together, and were taking on harder language challenges in no time as they explored the activities in RoyalABC World in teams. It was hard to say goodbye to the children at the end of the RoyalABC and Youyu Summer Camp, but we know we will be saying ‘Hello!’ again soon.