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Leading Hangzhou Learning Centre Golden World Education Partners with RoyalABC

Golden World Education Training Centre is a premium specialised learning centre based in Hangzhou, with a number of venues across the province. After twenty years of operation, Golden World Education has won many prestigous awards, including Advanced Organisation in Hangzhou in The Star & Torch English Talent Competitions of Chinese Youngsters (“星星火炬”全国少年儿童英语风采浙江展示活动“组织工作先进单位”) as well as a title of Zhejiang Province Industry Integrity and Public Satisfaction Organisation (“浙江省行业诚信暨公众满意单位”的称号). As testimony to their status as a provider of quality British English training and education, Golden World Education has the honour of being licensed by Zhejiang Provincial Education Examination Authority to be one of the training centres for Cambridge English Young Learners (Licence No. 330143300).

As a progressive and innovative educational organisation, Golden World Education was looking for a product to use with young learners that would begin their British English learning, and take them through to the Cambridge English Young Learners exams. Golden World visionary owner, Mrs Yao, was very clear that the key age for beginning the study of English is 4-6 years old. If children could have access to high quality English classes at this age, they would benefit greatly in their future English study. When Mrs Yao saw RoyalABC being demonstrated in the classroom, she knew that it was a perfect pedagogical and brand fit for her business. RoyalABC’s curriculum is designed by globally recognised curriculum writers with deep experience in the Cambridge learning system. By ensuring that the content gives young learners the language skills they need to begin their journey to English fluency, it prepares them for the Cambridge English Young Learners exams and entry into prestigious local schools. Parents had been asking Golden World Education for a pathway to English learning for their children aged 4-6. Now, by partnering with RoyalABC, Golden World Education offers not only quality in-class blended learning lessons, but gives families the home-play learning extension of RoyalABC World. RoyalABC is a proud partner of Golden World Education, and we have officially trained and certified their team of dedicated teachers in using the RoyalABC product. Together, we are teaching the next generation of Chinese global citizens and giving them the world through confident and competent British English language and 21st century skills.