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RoyalABC Certifies 21 ELT Teachers and Staff at Prestige Nanjing Kindergarten Group Demay International

Jiangsu Demay Education Group, headquartered in Nanjing, was founded in 2008 and directly operates more than 10 kindergartens across the Jiangsu province. In order to develop premier international bilingual kindergartens, Demay Education has consistently introduced international advanced education theories and practices to their suite of programmes. The organisation collaborates with partners in the USA, Australia and Germany, and has support from the World Bank. Currently, Demay Education has over 4,000 students. To provide a professional and premium English class to students age 4-6, Demay Education decided to introduce premium British English using RoyalABC into its kindergarten. Aside from hundreds of hours of quality curriculum, Demay wanted to take advantage of the comprehensive training offered to teachers by RoyalABC. Demay now uses the RoyalABC teacher training programme as one of its key professional development opportunities for staff.

At RoyalABC, our teacher training Director is Yvonne Dagan, a Delta (2012) accredited University of Cambridge CELTA and TKT Trainer. Yvonne is passionate about training and is currently one of only 40 University of Cambridge ICELT Trainers worldwide. Yvonne designed and, with her team, delivers the RoyalABC teacher training to all organisations who use our suite of products to ensure the quality of classroom delivery is maintained. Demay Education enrolled 21 of their teaching and management staff into the RoyalABC four-day intensive teacher training programme. Participants had to complete a number of training modules, as well as prepare and teach RoyalABC classes to kindergarten students, and be observed and graded on their capacity. We keep track of teachers’ progress through follow-up observations and support them to grow their teaching skills. One of the unique features of the RoyalABC Teacher Training is that it is also integrated with growth mindset principles. Because we help teachers to develop a growth mindset, they have greater capacity to fully use growth mindset techniques with their students, helping them push themselves to take challenges and try hard things with excitement and resilience. It was a large cohort of teachers that went through the August training camp in Nanjing. All of them worked hard and at the end were awarded official RoyalABC Teacher Training certification. RoyalABC welcomes Demay International as one of our product partners for the Jiangsu Province.