Genevieve Gilmore


Genevieve Gilmore is a 20-year veteran in Education and Technology, teaching at one of Australia’s most distinguished schools for 10 years, before co-founding 3P Learning in 2003, which went on to list on the ASX in 2013. In 2007, her passion for how education can change lives led her to work with a like-minded team, co-founding World’s Math Day in 2007. With over 5 million students participating it has become the world’s largest free online education competitions in the world. As a direct result of the Games, enough UNICEF School-in-a-Box packs have been donated to send 33,000 students to school in developing countries. In 2016, Genevieve moved into the SAAS world as Chief Operations Officer at Learnosity, a B2B educational technology company that offers a suite of assessment technologies (APIs) which enable organisations to easily incorporate powerful, interactive assessment capabilities into any digital product, new or existing. In that same year, Genevieve was also recognised as one of the top 50 Global Makers & Shakers of Education Technology by EdTechXGlobal and WISE. Genevieve has a passion for bringing premium educational resources to students using the best technological solutions available and so was excited to join the team at RoyalABC last year and once again bring her passion for education to young learners as Chief Product Officer. Genevieve has lived in the UK, USA, EU and NZ, and is currently living in Sydney with her husband and four boys.

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