Dominic Richards

Co-Founder and Chair

Dominic Richards is a community-focused place-maker who believes entrepreneurship should be a force for improving the quality of people’s lives. Dominic was raised in Australia and England and educated at the University of Cambridge and the Prince of Wales’ Institute of Architecture. Motivated to better equip our next generation to embrace the opportunities of the future, Dominic sought to create a stimulating learning environment through leveraging cutting-edge technology platforms with time-honoured educational foundations. He is realising this pursuit as the Chairman and co-founder of Prosper Education Ltd, a Chinese digital education initiative based in Sydney, Beijing and London. Dominic is also the Founder and Chief Executive of Our Place, a visionary architect development firm, currently regenerating urban sites in East London and Norwich as well as creating a new settlement for 10,000 people in the South of England. Dominic has served as Vice Chairman and Director of The Prince’s Foundation for Building Community and is proud to serve as a Trustee of the Prince’s Trust Australia.

Meet the RoyalABC Team

RoyalABC has been developed by a highly experienced global team of educators and innovators at Prosper Education to create a world first in combining blended classroom learning, bespoke early-learning ELT curriculum, intuitive technology platforms and growth mindset with 21st century skills. Our team is comprised of industry and sectoral experts in curriculum design, teacher training, early learning management and global business leaders including:

Board Member, Investor and Adviser

Advisory Board Member

Advisory Board Member and Investor

Advisory Board Member

General Manager, China

Academic Director

Learning Advisor

Director of Teaching and Learning

Head of Learning and Publishing

Country Manager Vietnam

Senior ELT Advisor Vietnam